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Greetings Bullseyes,
I am a professional photographer, friend of the Westfalls (parents of Hannah & Taylor) and recently moved to the area. You can thank them for the photos. The photos from this gallery can be downloaded for free anytime. You may also share them however you like although the Mobile Viewing Gallery is better suited for social media and computers. These high resolution photos can also be printed with any service you like. For your convenience I provided an option to order prints (photos, collages, books, mugs, phone cases, etc) from your computer or phone. The prices are higher than other services because I use a high quality printing service that ships to your door. You are certainly not obligated to order from my site. All I ask is that if you like the photos and utilize them consider donating to the charities below. Even if it is $1, every little bit helps. These are charities I have worked with for many years and provided hundreds of hours of professional services to the organizations. I also included the Bear River Recreation and Parks Department so you can donate back to our community if you like. I do not make any money off the prints ordered from my site. If I do happen to receive any money it will be donated back to the BRRPD. I hope you enjoy the photos:-)
Charities: (Bear River Parks Dept) (Animal Rescue) (Boys & Girls Club) (Interface - Child & Family Support)

Thank You,
Will Edwards

PS - Please tag me in any photos you post on Facebook or Instagram @willedwardsphotography
-If you wish and made a donation please provide me an amount so I can track charitable contributions directed by my company.